Honeywell is committed to making the world a cleaner, greener, and a more sustainable place to live in. We believe that every Indonesian should lead a healthier lifestyle, and we are committed to delivering the enablers for it.

To fulfill this promise, Honeywell has launched the Air TouchTM range of air purifiers to address the ever-growing problem of air pollution inside Indonesian homes. Air TouchTM is built on a well-tested and proven technology platform for taking the first and most important step towards a cleaner today and a healthier tomorrow, with pure air.

While delivering the best quality air that you can breathe indoors, we make sure our products, services, and systems are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Customer experience is at the core of all our products, and each of our products embodies our passion for customer-centric design and service quality.

  • HPF35M1120 Honeywell HEPA-Filter Air Purifier

    • Air Touch High grade HEPA Filter by Honeywell
    • DIY (Do It Yourself) Filter No 2, no need of service engineer visits
    • Not washable, replace when alert 'No…

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  • OCF35M6001 Honeywell HI-SIV Filter Air Purifier

    • Replacement filter No 3 for Air Touch Champagne Gold, Classic White and S indoor air purifiers by Honeywell, a Fortune…

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  • HFC0506B Filter Honeywell Car HEPA Air Purifier

    • Replacement filter for Move Pure Car Air Purifier by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company. 
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