It began with a single Cathode-Ray Tube and a single vision: to bring everyone access to the age of technology through quality visual displays. Starting in Taiwan, AOC first sold CRT monitors locally and quickly expanded offices to USA, China, Europe, and Brazil.

Today, AOC's monitors,TVs and All-In-One PCs are sold in over 115 countries globally, delivering high quality visual technology to users worldwide. By listening to the heart of consumers, AOC designed products to address rising technological trends, and to create monitors that fit different purposes for different consumers. AOC was an early adopter of environmental technologies, like mercury-free LED display panels, and achieving the Energy Star recognition for low power consumption. This year, AOC also developed the first Anti-Blue-Light technology that filters 90% of emitted harmful blue light to protect the eyes of users, setting a new quality standard for monitors with eye care technology.

For four years in a row, AOC has been awarded the "Gold Brand" distinction by the Gold Brands Council in Philippines. AOC has also tripled its market share in Europe since 2009, and has ranked #1 in market share for monitors sold in the Asia Pacific region (inclusive of greater China). AOC - ART OF COLORS.

  • I2481FXH

    Ultra-slim IPS monitor with unique design. This extremely stylish display impresses with its asymmetric stand and ultra-slim design. Its Full HD IPS panel produces accurate and sharp images from HDMI…

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  • E970SWN

    The AOC 70 E970SWN display is an eco-friendly monitor offering Ultra Low Power Consumption that requires 50 percent less energy than competing monitors, as well asan environmentally safe Mercury-free…

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  • AG241QG

    165Hz-Monitor with NVIDIA G-Sync.

    The AG241QG features an ultra-fast TN panel with a 1ms response time and 2560 x 1440-pixel resolution. The AG241QG comes with 165 Hz, NVIDIA G-Sync Technology…

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