Fujifilm's highly reliable storage products help organizations run smoothly and minimize the risk of data loss. Our research laboratories develop key technologies that enable the data storage solutions of tomorrow.

The LTO technology is a powerful, scalable, adaptable open tape format developed and continuously enhanced to help address the growing demands of data protection in the midrange to enterprise-class server environments.

Innovative nanocubic technology delivers ultra-high capacity, solid reliability and high performance in a midrange product.

  • LTO Ultrium 4

    Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 4 media is the first midrange data storage product to use Fujifilm's proprietary NANOCUBIC thin-film coating process to reach the higher capacity and quality levels currently only…

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  • LTO Ultrium 5

    FUJIFILM's NANOCUBIC technology has achieved LTO G5 data cartridge to have the capacity of 3.0TB (at 2:1 compression; 1.5TB native) by recording 1,280 data tracks within 12.65mm tape width. Also with…

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  • LTO Ultrium 6

    The LTO Ultrium 6 Data Cartridge from FUJIFILM is a rewritable adaptable open tape format developed for mid-range data storage and server environments. Its dual partitions can be independently accessed…

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All of these products are available in our Distribution, System Integrator, and Services business line

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