CyberPower is a total power solution provider, devoted to create the maximum satisfaction for our partners and customers.

Distributor Smart UPS CyberPower Indonesia

Founded in 1997, CyberPower has followed a path to success through engineering excellence and quality standards in power protection and computer accessories. After years of implementation of global branding strategy, what we’ve provided to millions of satisfied customers are not only award-winning products, but a sense of security.

CyberPower designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative power products, including Mobile Inverters, Surge Protectors, PDUs & Power Management systems, Mobile Chargers, and PV Inverters, all engineered to further enhance our technology giving us the ability to design continuously high quality UPS products.

  • Colokan Anti Petir P0520SUD0-DE

    CyberPower P0520SUD0-DE sangat ideal untuk perlindungan lonjakan arus rumah/kantor. Pelindung lonjakan arus dirancang dengan teknologi Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) untuk melindungi penekan lonjakan arus…

  • Smart UPS CyberPower original VP1000ELCD

    CyberPower VP1000ELCD offers home and office users a reliable battery backup and safeguards office PCs and other electronic devices from surges, spikes,…

  • Smart UPS CyberPower original UT850EG

    CyberPower UT850EG guarantees power protection for computers, networking equipment, and storage devices. The product adopts line-interactive topology with…



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